When it comes to Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services Reliability, we are the one you need!

Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services experts are here to help you with your equipment. Above all, we offer prompt, services so yo can keep your business rolling.

When it comes to Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services reliability, Allied Commercial Refrigeration Repair in The Greater Houston Area is the one you need! well, you are here at the right place. In a few words, our Commercial Refrigerant division has been around for over a decade extending services to Restaurants, Hospitals, Laboratories, Church’s, and Schools.
Furthermore, our Techs are Licensed, Insured, and bonded for an added piece of mind. Besides, we know how important that you have all your commercial equipment running in an orderly manner. As a matter of fact, the potential for running into refrigeration issues exists on a daily basses. Not to mention the types of issues these equipment may suffer. To put it differently, your Commercial Freezer or Refrigerator might not reach the desired temperature for numerous reasons. For example, a malfunctioning compressor, a frozen evaporator coil, an evaporator fan failure, or an Ice built-up. In the event that you have one or more of these symptoms, give the experts at Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services Houston a call (832) 500-4679.

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    Quality work through dedication
    Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services is a Premium Grade Services Company

    Briefly, if you are looking out for an expert commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services? If so, Allied Commercial Refrigeration repair is the one to hire. In a few words, our goal is to provide prompt and reputable professional services at competitive prices. Whether it is a Reach-in Refrigerator that does not chill food anymore or an Ice Maker that does not form the ice correctly, in short, we repair everything. As a material of fact, for over two decades our company rapid Services fixed thousands of Refrigerators, Freezers, Reach-ins Refrigerators, Ice Makers, Walk-in Coolers, Pizza Prep Tables, Deli Cases and much more. Not to mention, our team is very knowledgeable and trained to handle all your Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services needs. Business complete satisfaction is our top priority. So, get in touch now at 281.888-4477 to find out more.

    Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Services

    The Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services Team

    Roslan is one of our Senior Technicians, he states, That over years of practice, he has seen it all. Moreover, we have faced every scenario when it comes to Commercial refrigerator Repair. That is to say, that Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services is ready to help you with your next service. So, big or small we can fix it all.

    Residential Services

    As might be expected, that Allied Commercial Refrigeration Repair work on Commercial equipment only. However, our residential services is limited to Appliances that is labeled as a  commercial grade. For example, we fix Subzero, Viking, Thermador, Dacor, and U-Line Refrigerators. Besides, we fix some common commercial Grade Ovens and Ranges. For example, we fix Wolf Ranges, Viking Ovens, Thermador Cook-tops, and much more.

    Commercial Restaurant Services

    When it comes to Restaurants,  Allied Commercial Refrigeration Repair how critical each call counts. So, our rapid services Techs will show up at your food facility in no time. Besides we fix about every refrigerated equipment. So, whether you own a Food Prep Table, a reach-in Refrigerator, a Walk-in Freezer, Convenient store display cases, Ice Cream display boxes, or a Deli Case that needs service, we’ll restore it in no time.In any case, call our experts at (832) 500-4679

    Business Services

    Here, our Company realize the significant roll Refrigerators play in various business. Therefore, we extend our services to Schools, Churches, Food Courts, Medical Laboratories, Super markets, Convenient stores, and all the other facilities that might have refrigerated units. Furthermore, we sense the urgency of getting these equipment fixed in a timely manner. So, give Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services  a call and let our Pros fix your equipment today

    We've Got Your Commercial Equipment Covered With 12 Available Repair Services

    Reach-in Refrigerator Repair

    Notably, everyone knows the significance of a working Reach-in Refrigerator for your Restaurant or Business. Besides, Reach-in Refrigerators make active daily life less stressful. Also, support us to keep and preserve foods for fast and effortless meal preparations. Mostly, This type of Refrigerators is prevalent at all commercial facilities. For example, Restaurant kitchens, , Grocery stores, Schools, even Doctors Offices utilize Reach-in Refrigerators. Finally, if your equipment is not working as it should, give us a call, we can help today.

    Walk-in Refrigerator Repair

    Generally speaking, Commercial Expenditure, repair and maintenance services on your commercial Walk-in refrigerators is one very relevant issue to keep in remembrance. Trusted and experienced commercial repair specialists are prepared to help you, retaining equipment operating correctly, therefore, extending the lifetime likelihood of your commercial machinery. So, Call us (832)500-4679 for more knowledge or book a Walk-in refrigerator repair appointment today.

    Reach-in Freezer Reapir

    Over all, Reach-in Freezers are standard in all Food facilities like restaurants and stores. Because the need where a big quantity of perishable meat area is required. Moreover, reach-in Freezers vary in sizes depending on the facility needs. Mostly restaurants use a one side, a two sided, or three sided Reach in freezers. Because of their all-round use, they co-exist in large kitchens where Walk-in freezers are not easily accessible. So, call our experts at Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services and schedule a Reach-in Freezer repair today. (832)500-4679

    Food Display Case Repair

    Generally speaking, Your food, Vegetables, Fruits, Meats and other perishable items has to maintain it’s freshness and look at all time. Because Food Display Cases are very common in every facility that serves food, they tend to wear faster than any other refrigerated equipment. In most cases, Food Display Refrigerator are open to the environment, unlike Closed refrigerator boxes. Over all, this equipment have to maintain equivalent temperature to Refrigerators. Besides, the best repair preventive action is maintenance.

    Walk-in Freezer Repair

    Walk-In Freezers are popular in all eateries and businesses where a substantial volume of frozen food storage is required. A walk-in freezer can average temperature is usually under 32 degrees Fahrenheit. Most stores and restaurants have both in the facilities. Should you notice any drop in temperature, immediate action is required. Not to mention the economic loss and the potential for health consequences. So, Call Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services at (832)500-4679 today for more details or book a walk-in Freezer service appointment.

    Food Prep Table Repair

    Food Prep Tables and Salad prep tables are a type of open refrigerated table used to keep ingredients fresh and easily accessible. If you own a food service store, or Restaurant especially a sandwich shop or Pizza parole, refrigerated food prep tables are necessary for your store. Furthermore, Prep refrigerators significantly enhance the readiness of your kitchen processes, by offering storage for food and functional workspace. They keep ingredients at protected temperatures to preserve against bacterial and food-borne diseases.

    Commercial Ice Machine Repair

    Typically speaking, Ice machines are very common in most businesses. Mostly, in Restaurants, Convenient Stores, Hotels, Motels, and Hospitals, and throughout the food industry. Furthermore, some residences have ice ice Makers where high capacity production of Ice is needed. After all, we have been serving the Greater Houston Area .
    With this in mind, our commercial ice machine repair professionals are here to assist with any problems, ice machine keeping or ice machine repair services. So, call our Ice machine repair experts and let them fix your equipment today.

    Beverage Cooler Repair

    It’s crucial to serving your Beverage at the precise temperature to assure content. Here’s where we play our role. Besides, We offer same-day repair on your Beverage Cooler repair for the Greater Houston Area to make confident that your facility services are running as smoothly as feasible. Alongside with the up-keeping of the other equipment in your restaurant, we find maintaining your beverage cooler is as essential. If you have any issue with your machine, give our Technicians a call at (832)500-4679. Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services is here to help ASAP.

    Commercial Ice Cream Freezer Repair

    At Allied commercial Refrigeration repair we strive to preserve your appliance appropriately the very first time and at the quickest conceivable time. So that your company does not suffer any damage, we will get your Ice Cream Freezer equipment repaired and running as soon as possible. Furthermore, our professionals are on the road all the conditions in the greater Houston Area. So whenever you have a predicament with any of your commercial Ice Cream freezer equipment, get in touch, and we will be ready to have a specialist at your business within a few hours.

    Salad Bar Repair

    If you are a food service business proprietor, you might find yourself seeing for equipment that makes food arrangement easy and accessible. Generally speaking, Salad bars make displaying and preparing food items for clients natural and can promote wholesome and fresh selections for people. Well, here at Allied Commercial Refrigeration Repair we know how important to have your lettuce, cucumber, tomatoes looking clean and crisp. Not to mention the economics of having your green Veggies thrown away because of an under performing Salad Bar. In this case, call (832)500-4679 and schedule an Appointment with Allied Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services we’ll be happy to help.

    Wine Cooler Repair

    Are you in need assistance repairing your wine cooler, call us here at Allied Commercial Refrigeration Repair. Not to mention that our team of factory-trained and certified technicians will assist you promptly. Because we are a factory-trained service and repair facility in the Greater Houston area, you can presume that you will receive the best repair service and craftsmanship. That is to say, whether you are a restaurant owner or even a Wine enthusiast, your guests deserve a nice Chilled Glass of wine. So, give us a call at (832) 500-4679 and let us help you before your wine collection turns hazy and Vinegary.

    Beer Cooler Repair

    In my opinion, there is nothing that can keep you patrons happy like a cold Beer mug. Furthermore, you can find beer coolers and keg Cooler Refrigerators almost in every Bar, Night Club, Tavern, and Hotel. Additionally, they are considered the backbone of these facilities. Because of the significance of cold Beer, some of these Bars and clubs pride themselves of having the most chilled glass of beer.
    Here, at Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services our Techs are ready and experienced to handle any issue that you may have with your Beer cooler. So, Give us a call and let our professionals help you with your next Beer Coolerrepair

    Some of the Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services - Makes and Brands we fix

    • Firstly, True Equipment Refrigerator Repairs.
    • Second Item, U-Line Refrigerator repair.
    • Third Item, Victory Refrigerated Appliances.
    • Fourth Item, Viking Refrigerators & Freezers
    • Fifth Item, Thermador Refrigerators & Freezers
    • Furthermore, we fix all Continental Equipment.
    • Firstly, we repair Dacor equipment.
    • Secondly, all Traulsen refrigerated equipment.
    • Thirdly, Marvel refrigerated Appliances.
    • Fourthly, we fix all HAIER Appliances.
    • Fifthly, we repair all Sub-Zero equipment
    • Besides, Silver king Refrigerated Appliances.
    • Firstly, Avantco Refrigerated Equipment.​
    • Secondly, Atrctic Air Refrigerators/ Freezers.​
    • Thirdly, Hoshizaki Refrigerated Equipment​.
    • Fourthly, Fargor Refrigerated Appliance.​
    • Fifthly, Asber refrigerated equipment.​
    • Also, Admiral Craft refrigerated equipment .

    Why Choose Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services


    Because of the variety of Commercial Refrigerated equipment you have at your Restaurant, facility, time will undoubtedly evolve that you will undoubtedly continue in startling demand of a Local Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services technician. Furthermore, you undivided cannot ignore the severe drop in temperature originating from your Reach-in Refrigerator or your broken Walk-in Freezer system. In this case, you know the demand for immediate action. As long before your Commercial Refrigerated Appliance come to be hopeless, much better work with a professional that could bring it back to its best working condition.

    24x7 Support

    Real Human Support

    When you call Allied Commercial Refrigeration repair, you’ll get a real human answering.

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    Seal System

    Expert Seal System and Compressor Technician for All your Refrigerated Appliances.

    Cost Saving

    Low Cost

    As business owner we know the importance of Budgeting, we’ll help you achieve your goals.

    Allied Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services Locations and Coverage In The Greater Houston Area

    Over the years Allied Commercial Refrigeration repair has expanded the coverage Area in the greater Houston City and Suburbs.

    Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services available in these Cities.

    First, locations coverage, includes the following Cities, Houston, South Houston, Midtown Houston, and Uptown Houston. Also, River Oaks, Bellaire, Spring Branch, Houston Galleria, Meyerland, Jersey Village, Jacinto City, Mission Bend, Four Corners, and Pecan Grove North. Furthermore, we cover West University Place, Rice Village, and Garden Oaks. Even more coverage to Houston Medical Center, and Down town Houston.

    Second, Locations Coverage, includes Katy, Cinco Ranch, Cypress, Spring, The Woodlands, Conroe, Magnolia, Montgomery, and Kingwood.

    Third, Location Coverage Area,  includes Sugar Land, Missouri City, Sienna Plantation, Stafford, Fresno, Arcola, Needville, Richmond, and Rosenberg.

    Fourth, Location Coverage Area, includes Pearland, Clear Lake, Kemah, Pasadena, League City. Texas City, Alvin, Webster, Deer Park, and Manvil.


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      Because serving your cold drinks is a way of retaining your Clients, our Commercial Refrigerated Equipment Repair Services Techs well help you achieve that. Afterwards, if you have any issue with your machine, immediately call (832) 500-4679 our professionals, they are here to help.

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